2024 300SS

2024 300SS


Lay your hands on the 300SS and you’ll know it’s for you. The bond is forged the instant you throw a leg over the 30.7” saddle. Instinct directs your right thumb to the starter button. Feet planted. Perfect balance. Engine purring. Gear engaged. Clutch out. Throttle open. There’s that wonderful friction zone. Now stick it to the road. You’ve got all the power, suspension, and braking performance you need to ride like a pro. Maybe this is your first motorcycle. Maybe it’s your fifth. Either way, we built you the most approachable sport bike that $4,499 can buy.

Engine The single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 292cc DOHC engine produces 29.2 hp at 8750rpm and 18.7 lb-ft torque at 7250rpm. Quick-revving power ensures an exhilarating ride both on the track and street.

Frame The integrated frame design reduces overall weight resulting in quicker acceleration, improved maneuverability, and effortless handling. Suspension A high-quality 37mm upside-down front fork and rear monoshock provide exceptional damping capabilities. The upside-down fork enhances front-end stability and responsiveness, offering precise feedback and improved control during cornering.

CF-SC Slipper Clutch When downshifting aggressively, the CF-SC slipper clutch prevents the rear wheel from losing traction due to sudden shifts in momentum. Whether you’re navigating city streets or twisty mountain roads, you’ll experience a more efficient transfer of power to the drivetrain.

Lighting The 300SS is equipped with state-of-the-art LED lighting technology providing more light output while drawing less power. The clean, crisp appearance of LED lighting (headlight, turn signals, and taillight) elevates fit and finish to the highest level.

Wheels & Tires CST radial tires paired with lightweight alloy wheels and lightened hubs, further reduce unsprung weight putting less stress on the chassis


Torque 18.7 lb-ft @ 7250 rpm
Engine type Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4 valves
Bore x stroke 78mm × 61.2mm (3" x 2.4")
Displacement 292cc
Transmission 6-speed, wet, multi-plate, CF-SC slipper clutch
Fuel system Bosch® EFI
Max Power 29 hp @ 8750 rpm
ABS Continental ABS, dual channel
Front rim 3 x 17/3.5 x 17 MT Aluminum alloy
Front suspension Front: Upside-down fork, hydraulic damping
Rear suspension Rear: Mono suspension, center aligned
Front brake Front: 292mm single disc, 4-piston caliper
Rear brake Rear: 220mm single disc, single-piston floating caliper
Length x width x height 79" x 29.5" x 42.5"
Wheelbase 53.5"
Seat height 30.7"
Fuel capacity 3.2 gal.
Curb weight 364 lbs
Additional Features LED headlightst, taillights and signal lights
5" TFT display with Bluetooth and CFMOTO Ride App connectivity
Ghost Gray
Nebula Black