2024 IBEX 800 T

2024 IBEX 800 T


Turn the key and the 7” TFT screen awakens. Thumb the starter. The parallel twin roars to life. Crack the throttle. 1000 denier fabric can’t stop those sound waves from penetrating your soul. First gear impressions? This 799cc engine is brilliant. Up and down the six-speed tranny you come to the same conclusion. Now about these top shelf components? Bosch® EFI. KYB suspension. J.Juan brakes. Quality without compromise, CFMOTO’s namesake. You also get cruise control, up and down quickshifter, heated seat and handgrips, luggage racks, even a center stand. All this for under 11k? Yup. $10,799, to be exact. See you on the next BDR.

Engine Proven over the course of countless miles, the 799cc liquid-cooled inline twin is powerful, durable, and fuel efficient. 94 hp ensures abundant passing power. 56.8 lb-ft torque guarantees swift acceleration. The compact engine size enhances the bike's low center of gravity. LED Lighting The latest LED lighting technology isn’t just brighter, it’s more dependable. The focused light illuminates your surroundings, allowing you to see hazards or obstacles well in advance. LED signal lights and taillights provide instant illumination, making your intentions clear to those around you.

Quick Shifter The bi-directional quick shifter eliminates the need to engage the clutch during upshifts and downshifts. Seamless power delivery during gear changes maintains momentum and prevents loss of traction.

Protection The aluminum alloy bash guard protects the engine from rocks, debris, and other obstacles. You also get a center stand, making it easy to park and stabilize your bike. It’s ideal for creating a stable platform when loading gear and performing routine maintenance.

TFT Display Here’s the latest 7-inch TFT full-color instrument cluster. The IPS LCD screen provides 180° of crystal-clear viewing. Use your smartphone for Bluetooth connectivity. Incoming calls, message notifications, music playback, even navigation—it’s all in front of you. Adjustable Windscreen For protection and visibility, this clear windscreen puts a comfortable buffer between you and the windblast of adventure. Simply raise or lower the windscreen to find the ideal position for you.

Brakes The Ibex 800 T gets high quality braking components. Front brakes incorporate J. Juan 320mm dual discs with 4-piston radial calipers. The rear brake is a J. Juan 260mm single-disc with a double-piston caliper. Braking is precise and exceptionally well balanced. Cross-Spoke Rims Tubeless cross-spoke rims are engineered for excellent impact resistance. Spokes can be replaced or adjusted individually. In the event of a puncture, tubeless tires are typically easier to repair.

Ride Modes Two ride modes, RAIN and SPORT, give you more control over the riding conditions. In Rain mode, a gentle throttle response improves safety by minimizing tire spin in wet conditions. In Sport mode, throttle response is instant, and engine power output is unrestricted. Cruise Control When in 4th gear and above, and exceeding 25mph, the rider can switch on cruise control and use the RES and SET buttons to increase or decrease speed. Cruise control is a gamechanger on long stretches of highway. Plus, it improves fuel efficiency.


Torque 56.8 lb-ft @ 7500 rpm
Engine type 2-cylinder inline, liquid-cooled, 8 valves, DOHC
Bore x stroke 88mm × 65.7mm (3.5" x 2.6")
Displacement 799cc
Transmission 6-speed, wet, multi-plate, CF-SC slipper clutch
Fuel system Bosch® EFI
Max Power 94 hp @ 9000 rpm
ABS Standard ABS and cornering ABS
Front rim 19"/17" Spoked aluminum
Front suspension Front: KYB 160mm upside-down fork, preload, compression & rebound adjustable
Rear suspension Rear: KYB 150mm single shock, preload & rebound adjustable
Front brake Front: J.Juan 320mm dual disc, radial mount 4-piston caliper
Rear brake Rear: J.Juan 260mm single disc, double-piston floating caliper
Length x width x height 88" x 34" x 50"
Wheelbase 60.3"
Seat height 32.5"
Fuel capacity 5 gal.
Curb weight 509 lbs.
Additional Features LED headlights, taillights, signal lights and fog lights
7" TFT display with Bluetooth and CFMOTO Ride App connectivity
electronic throttle
sport and rain ride modes
cruise control
adjustable windscreen
heated grips
heated seat
USB port
12-volt DC
Twilight Blue